Your child is ready for lessons!?  Good!  Your parental commitment to working earnestly at the piano every day - even just for 5 minutes - is the secret.

WHAT TO DO:  Download* or purchase the Book One Suzuki Piano CD and listen to it for 2-4 weeks. Visit or 'shadow' lessons. Then your child (and you) are ready.  CD or MP3 listening is an effortless experience for the child. Listening is a parent managed activity which continues 'in the background' of the daily routine. Tip: Children who hear the CD/MP3 a lot before visiting or shadowing lessons have sparked curiosity, and eagerly anticipate everything.  Please also read- Nurtured by Love, by Dr. Suzuki. This slim book outlines the environmental aspects and philosophy of mother tongue learning.

AGE TO START: Ideally, your son or daughter is nearly 5 or older, and there is a piano at home. Of course, any age is perfect to start, older beginners are welcome! I also teach adults. 

HOW LONG IS LESSON: Young children start with 30 minute private lessons weekly. Some families choose 2 or more lessons per week. 

WHAT DOES PRACTICE LOOK LIKE: Take a few minutes each day at the same time (if possible) to enjoy playing with your child what you learned together at the lesson. The routine should allow for as long as your child has a good attention.  I emphasize making your home routine fun and appropriately challenging.

* Suzuki Piano recordings by Alfred are available via iTunes as digital downloads. 

Source for Suzuki CDs and piano books. Contact Katherine for shadowing lessons.


 Showing a beginner hand position

Showing a beginner hand position

Source for Suzuki CDs and piano books. Contact the teacher for shadowing lessons.

How to get to "I Love to Practice!" - inspiration for practicing!