Summertime 2014

How Old Before Taking kids to Concerts?

When should we start taking our child to concerts, performances and recitals?  NOW of course! Why wait? Take your children as early as they (and you) can handle an outing from home! Summer festivals, outdoor concerts and music happenings are the best motivator for children (and ourselves!)  Choral concerts nearly always have instrumental components showcasing delightfully prepared student musicians. Check your local events calendars for August and early Fall. As our studio grows, we will post our own 'low stress'  piano parties here at the Maybeck Studio for observation and participation!


While you set aside time for grown up entertainment activities the summer, make one or two dates for the whole family in easy to attend daytime or early evening time slots with picnics before or after.  While traveling, make a point of finding open air concerts, recitals in old churches or cathedrals (respite from the heat!) and even visit music schools where practice halls might be open to the public!  Guaranteed your children will ask for more.


Enjoy summer with your kids: take them out to the park while light is late, garden in pots, burlap bags or the earth and then cook up the abundant summer produce, sort, clear out and plan for the school year, and most of all, keep folding music into the daily routine of family life!

Keep listening to your Suzuki Books One and Two! LISTENING TIP Listening a book or so ahead will ward off the 'I'm bored with the CD" from some of your family members!