"My son has taken a whack at playing some new songs with both hands, and he has succeeded to an amazing degree. He played through most of French Children's Song and Mary (w/Albertis, not the chords) ....It was his first time trying either song and he just went for it. There are parts that are tricky for him, obviously, but it was truly phenomenal… He also did London with Albertis (I think you heard part of that) and managed to finish the whole song by himself."

What you said Katherine is totally true: he's reaching the point where he starts to get it, and his brain is just wide open. Fantastic!" 

-- Jesse, parent of 6 year old student

Environment: from moment life begins, the child constantly hears language (or music).  Babies and toddlers surrounded by language have a unique capacity to learn to speak (and make music) at this early stage. Nearly every child learns his or her native language.....with guidance, music skills can also develop "effortlessly".  Q? Why do Chinese children speak Chinese so fluently? Knowing the tones and adjusting for meaning? Why do Russian children speak Russian fluently? A. Fluent speakers all around!

The mother tongue theory shows us that a child is learning language effortlessly by being born into the environment where people are talking to her.  We never think of ‘coercion’ to teach language. For example, when the baby says: “itty, itty, itty! The mother know this is certainly, “Kitty, Kitty, kitty!” We don’t tell a toddler,
No! wrong! It is Kitty! We merely repeat it correctly and say yes! right, Kitty! Guiding and repeating the sounds positively.


By playing the Book 1 CD daily in the background of family life, the child hears and absorbs the melodies, the rhythm, beat and dynamics of the pieces.  After a few weeks of listening, she unconsciously knows very well how the music should sound.   At the keyboard, the teacher helps the child and parent with dynamics and touch skills to replicate what the child has learned by listening. Continued listening to the entire repertoire makes more advanced skills easy.  Hearing and listening are natural abilities of all children.


All parents want what is best for their children.  Parents will speak to, read to, play with and nourish their children. Music falls into each of these categories.  All children are capable of making beautiful music.